This Sunday, June 20, we will hold one outdoor worship service at 8:30am.

Sunday School will be held indoors at 10:30am.

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Archives for May 2016

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True Love Admonishes


Though only used eight times in the New Testamentall by Paul (7x in his Epistles; 1x in Acts)the word "admonish" lays a special charge on believers. While only commanded as "admonish one another" in two places (Romans 15:14 and Colossians 3:16), the command is implied in all its uses, with especial consideration for leaders. To get a sense of its meaning consider these ei...

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The Gospel Perfectly and Proportionately Humbles and Exalts

Gospel of Jesus Christ

Why is the Gospel of Jesus Christ so vital to the restoration of mankind?...

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What is the Gospel?

The gospel is often assumed. Rarely defined. Abstract, not concrete. It is a good word to use in church, but it is a word more quickly said than studied. Who needs the gospel? What do we do with the gospel?...

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The Minister's Rest and the Rest of the Summer


Rest in the Bible is never a time of inactivity and lethargy. Rather it is a time when God and his people enjoy one another. This principle of rest is true for all Christians, and especially those who labor to feed and tend the flock....

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