This Sunday, June 7, we will be holding an outdoor worship service at 9:00am.

Community Groups and Bible Studies are continuing via Zoom.

Are you new, or interested in learning about how to follow Jesus? We invite you to connect with our church family here.

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Are You Equipped?

EQUIP Conf 2016 1

" equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.." Ephesians 4:12 In the 1980s edutainment games were coming of age and infiltrating American schools. Leading the way was a game called Oregon Trail. Perhaps you remember playing the game, shooting Buffalo, fording rivers, and fighting off dysentery. In truth, for most 20th and 21st cen...

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Seven Truths About Doctrine of Vocation

In 1 Corinthians 7:17 – 24 Paul speaks of our calling before God. In all of his writings, this may be one that most directly deals with the doctrine of vocation. Here are seven truths that relate to “vocation” and our calling to live for and before God in all we say and do....

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From Capital Punishment to Christ’s Propitiation: What Leviticus 20:13 Means for Christians Today

Orlando Tragedy

The recent, horrible killing in Orlando prompts us to pray fervently and think carefully. ...

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How the Lord's Table Defines Its Dinner Party


A number of years ago, as I ate dinner with friends at an outdoor caf, I was wrongly identified as a famous race car driver. It was more than a little awkward, as the mistaken gentleman belted out: "Dale!! Dale Earnhardt, Jr.?!? Is that you? Awww . . . I love you, man!" With sorrow and embarrassment, I had to say: "Sorry, you've got the wrong guy." He quickly recognized h...

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True Love Admonishes


Though only used eight times in the New Testamentall by Paul (7x in his Epistles; 1x in Acts)the word "admonish" lays a special charge on believers. While only commanded as "admonish one another" in two places (Romans 15:14 and Colossians 3:16), the command is implied in all its uses, with especial consideration for leaders. To get a sense of its meaning consider these ei...

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The Gospel Perfectly and Proportionately Humbles and Exalts

Gospel of Jesus Christ

Why is the Gospel of Jesus Christ so vital to the restoration of mankind?...

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What is the Gospel?

The gospel is often assumed. Rarely defined. Abstract, not concrete. It is a good word to use in church, but it is a word more quickly said than studied. Who needs the gospel? What do we do with the gospel?...

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The Minister's Rest and the Rest of the Summer


Rest in the Bible is never a time of inactivity and lethargy. Rather it is a time when God and his people enjoy one another. This principle of rest is true for all Christians, and especially those who labor to feed and tend the flock....

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How Scripture and the Spirit Prepare Us for the Lord's Supper

How do you approach the Lord's table when your heart is uncertain of its spiritual condition?...

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Discipleship 101: Who Makes Disciples?

At the institutional level, God has created the church to be a disciple-making community. At the individual level, mature believers are the ones who make disciples. ...

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