This Sunday, June 7, we will be holding an outdoor worship service at 9:00am.

Community Groups and Bible Studies are continuing via Zoom.

Are you new, or interested in learning about how to follow Jesus? We invite you to connect with our church family here.

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Christmas Carols: Beholding Christ in the Psalms

Christmas Carols

In our new series for the Advent season "Christmas Carols: Beholding Christ in the Psalms", we will be surveying the whole book of Psalm. ...

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The Expected One

The Expected One

The Christmas devotional "The Expected One" will take you through December with daily meditations from the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament. This book would also be a great way to begin having family devotions at home....

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Giving Thanks for the Gospel at Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 2

At this time of year when we recall God's many blessings, it is worth probing deeper to examine the danger of ingratitude and the greatest reason to give thanks....

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Recommended Reading: Books on Prayer


In truth, nothing teaches you how to pray like praying, and especially by praying with others who know how to pray. Certainly, the Scriptures are the place to learn what it means to "pray in the Spirit." But if you are like me, you are helped when men and women gifted to teach and gifted to pray write books that relate Scriptural truth to real life. ...

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Recommended Reading: Church Membership by Jonathan Leeman

Leeman Church Membership

The local church is a heavenly embassy which affirms the heavenly citizenship of believers. Membership in the local church practically marks our identity in the kingdom of God....

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All Together at the Lord's Table


The Lord's Supper is entrusted to the church and shared by the whole body - whether that's 15 believers hiding in a house church in China, or 3000 saints sitting on cushioned pews....

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Reflecting on Hymns


What exactly is a hymn? How do we distinguish a hymn from a praise chorus? Is it the instrumentation; does an organ or piano equal a hymn?...

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Biblical Counseling: Why It Matters and How to Get Involved

Spiritual Care

The question is asked from time-to-time, what is biblical counseling? Is it a fad? What makes it really biblical? Is it different from "Christian counseling?" If so, how?...

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Life Together: A Short Review

Bonhoeffer Life Together

As we consider the One Anothers, Dietrich Bonhoeffer's book "Life Together" invites you to think deeply about God's design for his people....

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How the Lord's Supper Fuels Us to Love One Another

This Sunday we will take the Lord’s Supper. And instead of coming in unprepared (as is so easy to do), let us consider how the Lord’s Supper fuels Jesus’ New Commandment to “Love One Another.”...

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