This Sunday, August 1, we will hold two worship services indoors at 8:30am and 11:00am.

Sunday School will be on pause until the Fall.

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Baptized into knowing God


Joshua 34 is about Israel crossing the Jordan River and entering the PromisedLand, which is to say it is about a baptism into and with Joshua. Seeing that"baptism," however, will take a little cross-referencing and you can read about10 things in Joshua 34 that help us get there in Pastor David's blog. Perhaps the two most important points for us to see revolve around the a...

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How Joshua Teaches Us to Find True and Everlasting Life


Moses was dead to begin with.-- Joshua 1:1 -- Marley was dead to begin with.-- Charles Dickens-- When Charles Dickens wrote the opening line toA Christmas Carol,he touched off one of the most wonderful Christmas stories ever told. Marley, the miserly associate of Ebenezer Scrooge, was dead and now all eyes turned to his living partner. Though the story begins in the dark...

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Why Do We Sing During Worship?


This Sunday we will be examining how congregational singing is crucial to our worship. Many approach Sunday morning with an attitude that some portions of the service are optional, or that some elements are "best left to the professionals" or the "gifted". Last month, our Theology Thursday book club examined a book written by Keith and Kristyn Getty titled, "Sing! How Wor...

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The Hole In Our Praise (and Lamentation) and Worship


On my shelf, I have a Celebration Hymnal: Songs and Hymns for Worship.It was published in 1997, foreworded by Jack Hayford (Pastor of The Church on the Way), and intended to provide "tools for 'blended worship'" (from the Preface). Consisting of 865 selections, it combines new songs and old hymns, Scripture readings, and even various calls to worship. Yet, what is strikin...

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On Earth as It Is in Heaven: Seeking a Biblical Pattern for Worship


If Scripture stands against our natural and cultural bent towards innovative worship, it also provides a biblical pattern for the kind of worship God requires. Last week I considered the first problemnamely, the problem(s) with man-made worship. This week, I want to show how a pattern of worship repeats throughout the Bible. Actually, Jonathan Gibson has provided this bib...

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A Mid-Year Check-Up

Six months ago, our church began our first church-wide Bible reading plan. It is an extended verson of Robert Murray M'Cheyne's classic Bible reading plan, which takes us through the Old Testament once, and the New Testament and Psalms twice. This year we'll read Genesis-2 Chronicles, Psalms, and the New Testament. Next year we'll read Ezra-Malachi, Psalms, and the New ...

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Worship By the Book: Or, Why Sincerity Is Insufficient for True Worship


In his illuminating book,A Secular Age(summarized here), CharlesTaylor argued the unbelief handed down to us from the Enlightenment, coupled with new religious expressions in the 19th century, and accelerated by the sexual revolution of the "Sixties," has resulted in many and competing spiritual longings that live somewhere between belief and unbelief. In short, weare liv...

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Glorifying God in the Grind of Life


Q. What is the chief end of man?A. To glorify God and know him forever. Westminster Shorter Catechism, Question 1 There is nothing more important than knowing why you exist. And nothing provides a better answer than this: You were created to glorify God. Speaking to the people he was redeeming from the nations, God says in Isaiah 43:67, "I will say to the north, Give u...

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Disciple Your Children by Serving Together


The discipleship of our children is an essential part of the Great Commission. As parents (and as a church family), we are to make disciples of every nation, and this begins first in our homes as we seek to make disciples of every generation. We teach our children about Jesus, and pray that they will learn to love God with their heart, soul, and might (Deut 6:4-9). We seek...

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Learning from the Past to Be Faithful in the Present: Four Reasons Why Church History Matters


God's people are a people of history. Because our faith stands or falls with the historical events of Christ's death and resurrection (1 Cor. 15)not to mention all the historical events leading up to Christ's adventChristians are a people who should care deeply about history. Yet, often we don't. Non-denominational Christians, especially, know little about what happened b...

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