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An Opportunity to Redeem the Time

Dear OBC Family,

"He hurls down his crystals of ice like crumbs; who can stand before his cold?" Psalm 147:17

With more than a foot of snow on the ground and another day to go, the truth of Psalm 147 is being proven every hour--Who can stand before his cold, or drive in his snow? Accordingly, it makes the most sense to cancel all services tomorrow.

That being said, don't miss the opportunity to worship tomorrow. As Ron Comoglio reminded us in November, worship is not contained to Sunday morning gatherings. Worship is our every-hour spiritual act of service to the Lord who has redeemed us (Romans 12:1-2). So please make use of the following resources to encourage your worship this wintery weekend.

  • LISTEN to an online sermon from the OBC Archive. (Click "View All Sermons")
  • PRAY for our church and its members. We will gather next Sunday night (Lord Willing) to have our annual meeting and fellowship meal.
  • GIVE Just because we don't gather doesn't mean we shouldn't give or don't need to worship through giving. You can give through through myOBC.
  • MEDITATE on a gospel-centered prayer. Few things stimulate personal prayers like reading the Psalms and the gospel-saturated prayers of others.
  • READ a post on God's glory and missions -- the theme of next week's sermon.
  • WATCH some or all (3 hours) of Family Research Council's online ProLifeCon from Friday. Pastor Jared and his office did an outstanding job providing practical, online resources to stand for life. As you think about how you can participate in the Sanctity of Human Life, this conference offered many possibilities.
  • GATHER with your family and worship our king. A snow-themed family devotional will be available tomorrow morning.

In the midst of Jonas there are many ways to spend time with Jesus. I pray our Lord will protect you and encourage you and that as you hunker down with your family, you will redeem the time well.

Looking forward to seeing you face-to-face.

Pastor David, On Behalf of the Elders