We will not gather for worship this Sunday, April 18. Gatherings and events are paused for the week. Lord willing, we will resume our gatherings for worship and fellowship on Sunday, April 25.


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Introducing Bless Every Home


Earlier this year, after reflecting on the needs of our church family, the elders of Occoquan Bible Church asked us to pray that the Lord would enlarge our heart for missions and evangelism, as we share Christ with Prince William County and support missions throughout the world.

As our church family is a community created by the gospel and for the gospel, we want to send our church members out to love our neighborhoods. And as we pray and seek to grow our gospel ministry, I am excited to introduce you to Bless Every Home. This resource can be tremendously helpful in reaching out to love our neighborhoods, and we are thankful to SBC of Virginia for helping to provide this resource to our church.

tablet1-grey"The SBC of Virginia is excited to introduce a brand new initiative that will help churches and plants reach their communities with the Gospel.

Through an interactive website, church members will be given an opportunity to be lights in their neighborhood. By utilizing the latest demographic information, the church member will receive promptings on a daily basis to pray for 5 families by name. When reporting the activity on the website, the map will begin to shade the prayer coverage of the area. 

The strategy does not stop with Prayer however, it will resource members to ably Care for their neighbors, Share the Gospel with them and Disciple them for a life journey of faith."

We are inviting every OBC family to sign-up to be a Light with Bless Every Home.

We are asking you to begin with prayer for your neighbors, and then seek how you might grow in being a lighthouse to your neighborhood. 

Four Ways to Bless Every Home: Prayer, Care, Share, Disciple

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Prayer. Being a light to your neighbors begins with prayer. When prompted, learn how to pray specifically for the families that you have adopted.

Care. Being a light to your neighbors includes caring for them. Learn how to naturally and intentionally care for families, especially during times of need.

Share. Being a light to your neighbors means sharing Jesus with them. Learn how to generate conversations that lead to a Gospel presentation. 

Disciple. Being a light to your neighbors means that you will help them in their spiritual journey. Learn how to start and lead small group Bible studies in your community.

Instructions to Sign-Up with Bless Every Home

  1. Go to Bless Every Home and sign-up today.
  2. Create an account by entering your name and email address, also create a password.
  3. Go to your email inbox and find the email from Bless Every Home. Remember it may be in your junk or spam folder.
  5. The Bless Every Home Dashboard for your account will appear. 
  6. Click "Settings" and choose the neighborhood size list: the number of homes you are willing to pray for.
  7. Enter your home address.
  8. Type in your church name and confirm the address.
  9. Choose your association. Scroll down and click/check the box next to SBC of Virginia.
  10. Check the days you would like to receive reminder emails.
  11. Make sure the SHOW AS A LIGHT and WELCOME NEW MOVERS boxes are checked.
  12. Once you have made your settings, click SAVE SETTINGS.
  13. Click on your name and address next to the Light icon to be taken back to the dashboard.

Have questions with setup? Contact SBC of Virginia for help at

Love Your Neighbors Together

Starting soon in our Community Groups ministry, we will be devoting the third week of each month to consider how we might love our neighbors.

This will include:

  • Discussion through The Art of Neighboring by Pathak and Runyon
  • Learning how to use Bless Every Home
  • Walking together as we learn to pray, care, share, and disciple in our neighborhoods
  • Finding ways to serve together to love our community

If you're not in a Community Group, I invite you to join us for this journey.

Please pray with me, that the Lord would bless this effort and use it for the sake of the gospel here in Prince William County.

Pastor Ben