This Sunday, September 27, we will hold one outdoor worship service at 9:00am.

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Introducing Haggai


This Sunday we will begin the book of Haggai.

Haggai is the tenth book in the Minor Prophets, and its four-fold message serves as a turning point in the Twelve, as the books shift from looking at God's judgment to the restoration of God's people.

This Sunday and next, we will consider the hopeful message of this prophet, who came to call the people to seek God first and to finish rebuilding the temple. Through the four messages of Haggai (1:1–15; 2:1–9; 2:10–19; 2:20–23), we will hear the Lord speaking a restorative message of grace.

Haggai rebukes the people for prioritizing their own comfort before worship of Yahweh. Thankfully, unlike the previous minor prophets, the people hear and obey God’s word and repent. God then promises to be with them and strengthen them as they rebuild his temple.

In the end, God tells them that in the future a day is coming after he shakes the heavens and the earth, when he will establish a greater kingdom with a greater temple on the earth. Thus, Haggai not only has a message for the Jews returning from exile in 520 BC, but also has a message for us, one that leads us to see all that God has done and is doing in Christ, and a message that calls us to prioritize our lives according to God’s Word.

So come join us for worship this Sunday. To prepare your hearts, please read the 38 verses of Haggai and watch the following video. This short video introduction will help give you a sense of what the book is about.

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