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Justice and Super Tuesday


As we approach Super Tuesday it is important that we understand our voting through the lens of God’s Word. The Scripture speaks to every area of life, and no square inch of our existence is exempt from the rule of Christ and His authoritative Word.

So what should it look like for us to seek God’s glory during this election season?

As we consider our role and responsibility in selecting leadership for our nation, here are a few blog posts from Russell Moore and Joe Carter which may be helpful:

"Can the Church Disengage from Politics?"

Russell Moore cautions the church against political disengagement, as it would remove gospel-shaped influence when it comes to the important issue of justice. The gospel must not be removed from the public sphere, rather it desperately needs to be applied.

“Paul wrote to the church at Rome that the sword of Caesar is given by God, to be wielded with accountability to God based on the responsibilities and limits derived from God’s delegated authority. In a democratic republic, the final authority for making decisions of statecraft (sword-wielding) rests with the people themselves. In the voting booth, we are delegating to others how to swing the sword of public justice on our behalf. A church that doesn’t form consciences for such a calling will only ensure that those consciences are shaped by something other than the gospel.”


"When Christians Should Be Single Issue Voters"

Joe Carter argues that justice should be of paramount importance when it comes to our vote. When election day arrives, there should be no contradiction between a Christian’s convictions and a Christian’s ballot. Rather, our vote should reflect the truth of the Scriptures.

“We should be able to enter the voting booth knowing we are not leaving behind our convictions about justice and the sanctity of life.”


"Why It Is Imperative that Presidents Be Pro-Life"

In this last article, Carter continues to write about justice, particularly when it comes to the sanctity of human life. How can one govern justly who does not care for the unborn?

“Christians have an obligation to the most vulnerable members of our society to elect politicians who have both a robust view of human dignity and the temerity to govern accordingly. We betray this duty when we downplay the role the executive branch in advancing the pro-life cause.”


Seek Justince on Super Tuesday

God is just, and He commands justice as a reflection of His character (Deut 10:17-18; 16:18-20). He has instituted human government to act as His servant by administering justice (Rom 13). Let me encourage you to read through Micah 6:1-16 and consider God’s commands regarding justice, and the righteous judgment He pronounces upon the unjust.

Consider the justice of God as you walk into your voting booth, and seek justice as you cast your vote. Having been granted the right to vote, let us be good stewards of our vote and use it as a means to seek justice. To seek justice with our vote brings glory to God, and honors His Word. Seeking justice with our vote demonstrates love to our neighbors, and seeks the good of our nation.

And how is one able to govern with justice?

In 1 Kings 3:28, we see that it is the wisdom of God that enables Solomon to govern with justice. In Proverbs 9:10, we read that “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.”

As we look for justice, wisdom, and the fear and knowledge of God in our candidates, we must carefully examine them and consider those who would govern justly.

Last, we must remember that there is only one perfect leader. There is only one who will govern with perfect justice. Only one to whom we must entrust ourselves and hope. Let us lift our eyes to Christ the King of kings, who rules with perfect justice and whose reign will never end.

Let us honor Him as we go to vote this Tuesday.

Pastor Ben