We will not gather for worship this Sunday, April 18. Gatherings and events are paused for the week. Lord willing, we will resume our gatherings for worship and fellowship on Sunday, April 25.


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New Sunday Class for Youth & Adults

First Principles for Bible Reading

We want OBC to be a local church filled with faithful disciple-making disciples. Over the next few months in our Sunday morning classes we will be looking at different aspects of how to be a disciple. This includes how to read the Bible, how to attend church, how to share the gospel, and other personal and corporate spiritual disciplines. Foundational to all of these is our daily intake of God's Word, so we invite you to join us at the beginning of this series with a six week look at "First Principles for Bible Reading."

A few of the elders attended Simeon Trust’s "First Principles" class earlier this Spring, and because it was so valuable we have decided to adapt it and present it to OBC’s youth and adults on Sunday mornings. This class will be held in the Gathering Place at 9:30am and 11:00am, for both youth and adults.

If you’re new to the Bible or have studied it for decades, this First Principles course will provide helpful tools and practical wisdom to help you grow in your understanding of Scripture. This course covers basic principles of studying the Bible that any preacher, teacher, student, or faithful Christian who wants to read God's Word should know. It begins with the conviction that we should “stay on the line” of Scripture, and then tackles the use of context, structure, and a book’s big ideas, and begins to answer the question of how to make applications for yourself and others while reading and teaching.

As much as you’re able, please join with us for this time of being equipped together (Eph 4:11-16). This class has been a blessing to me personally, and I pray that it will be helpful to you as well.

Course Schedule

Sept 11 Staying on the Line (a conviction about not saying more or less than the Bible says)
Sept 18 Context (using the literary and historical context to rightly interpret a text)
Sept 25 Structure (understanding how a text is organized to emphasize a particular point)
Oct 2 Melodic Line (using the message of the whole book to understand the message of a particular text)
Oct 9 Text and Framework (being aware of the agendas we bring and submitting them to the text)
Oct 16 The Bible for Life (wrestling with how to move from the text to applications/implications)