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NextGen Kids: A Program with A Purpose


Church programs can be dangerous.

Most of the time, the danger lies in that many programs tend toward losing purpose, and often begin to serve the program itself rather than its intended purpose. We’ve probably all been a part of church programs that have long outlasted their relevance or effectiveness. That’s how (as an example) a church ends up spending thousands of dollars annually on a handbell choir that does one concert a year. “That’s the way we’ve always done it…” is the familiar refrain.

All church programs should be under constant evaluation as to whether or not they’re serving the mission of the church. Do we need to have small groups? Do we need to have Sunday School? Do OBC elder meetings need to last soooo looong? You get the picture. Whether the answer is “no,” or “yes,” the questions should still be asked.

But this doesn’t mean that all programs are necessarily bad. A program should have purpose, and should be fulfilling that purpose.

In various venues over the past few months at OBC, one program you may have heard about is the upcoming children’s effort that’s launching this fall. The mission of OBC's Family Ministry is to make disciples of the next generation by joyfully imparting to children a love for God and his gospel, and equipping parents to do the same.

From that mission statement flows the name of our new Tuesday evening program:

NextGen Kids:
Gospel | Joy | Discipleship

As the council discussed the need for a special discipleship effort for kids, we saw it fulfilling these purposes:

  • to encourage discipleship
  • to provide opportunities for sharing the gospel
  • to build community among our children
  • to build positive, Christ-centered memories
  • to gain foundational knowledge
  • to reinforce to children what a church really is
  • to foster joy in kids’ lives

We believe that NextGen Kids is a program with a purpose that will further the mission of not only the Family Ministry Council, but of OBC as a whole. The Family Ministry Council is excited about this opportunity to continually speak gospel truth into the lives of the next generation. As we unveil more details in the coming weeks, please pray with us that this will not be just another program that’s programmed for failure, but that God will use this program for his purpose –– making disciples and furthering his kingdom.

A program like that is truly dangerous to the ways of the world.

NextGen Kids will meet on Tuesday evenings this Fall at OBC from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. We’ll have a special kickoff night on August 29, with the regular program beginning September 5. Keep an eye on and your email for further details and registration info.