We will not gather for worship this Sunday, April 18. Gatherings and events are paused for the week. Lord willing, we will resume our gatherings for worship and fellowship on Sunday, April 25.


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October 2017 Shepherd's Letter


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

“Post Tenebras Lux”… “After darkness, light.” This is how the Reformers described the recovery of the gospel in the Protestant Reformation as the truths of Scripture ignited across Europe. We are thankful for God’s grace as we consider how He has built His church over the centuries, especially as we commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. We will continue to examine our spiritual family history over the next few weeks during the 10:00am hour as we consider the “outcome” of the Reformers’ way of life, and how we might “imitate” their faith (Heb 13:7).

For those of you who helped put together our Reformation Celebration, thank you for your hard work and ministry to our little ones! It was a good evening of storytelling, with an important gospel emphasis of our salvation’s dependence upon Christ’s work alone. No works of man nor silver or gold can redeem our souls, but only the precious blood of Christ (1 Pet 1:19).

Looking back at this past month, we are glad to welcome Paul and Jessica into our church family, and we praise God for His mercy as we rejoice with William and Juanita at the birth of their daughter Elena.

Did you know that OBC has partnered with Child Evangelism Fellowship to open a Good News Club at a local elementary school? Good News Clubs are held in schools at the end of the day, and they are a remarkable opportunity to love the children in our community. We are thankful for this opportunity! To join this ministry team, contact Jeff Dionise,

Our annual Thanksgiving Eve Service (Wednesday, November 22) is approaching quickly, and we have had several who have expressed interest in baptism. If you have trusted in Christ and want to follow Jesus in baptism, or if you have questions, please contact Pastor Ben ( or Pastor Jeff (

Last, as we head into the month of November, consider how you might orient your heart toward gratitude in response to the great grace we have received in our Lord Jesus Christ. As we continue in our Ephesians sermon series, I cannot help but notice the many times Paul writes about the riches we have received in Jesus:

  • We have been forgiven according to the riches of His grace (Eph 1:7).
  • In our new identity as saints, we receive the riches of His glorious inheritance (Eph 1:18).
  • We are saved because God is rich in mercy (Eph 2:4).
  • We have been saved so that in the coming ages God might show us the immeasurable riches of His grace (Eph 2:7).
  • Paul was given grace to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ (Eph 2:7).
  • Our Father provides strength through the Spirit out of the riches of His glory (Eph 3:16).

Continue to read ahead in Ephesians for this next Sunday’s sermon (Ephesians 4:1-16), and consider how you might build one another up in love. As we continue into the holiday season, may these weeks remind you of the great grace of our Lord and Savior.

Grace and peace to you,

Pastor Ben

on behalf of the elders


Upcoming Events for 2017



10 – Care Net PRCS Fundraising Banquet

17 – Museum of the Bible Opens

22 – Thanksgiving Eve Service (7pm)



2 – Men’s Breakfast   – Christmas Decorating

3 – Communion Sunday & Great Commission Prayer

19 – Youth Christmas Party

24 – Christmas Eve Service (6pm)

25 – Christmas Day