We will not gather for worship this Sunday, April 18. Gatherings and events are paused for the week. Lord willing, we will resume our gatherings for worship and fellowship on Sunday, April 25.


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September 2017 Shepherd's Letter


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We hope and pray that you are encouraged and strengthened by the grace of God as we move deeper into the book of Ephesians this fall. It has been encouraging over these last few weeks to see Christ exalted above all things, and then to see the promise of the immeasurable riches of grace that God in His kindness has given to us in His Son. When our condition was spiritual death, God’s mercy intervened, and now all we have is grace. Let us look to see His grace, for He has promised it to us both today, and in the ages to come!

Looking back at this last month, we praise God for His grace as we welcome Graydon and Sharon into church membership. In addition, we rejoice with Brent and Melissa at God’s gift of grace in the birth of their son Josiah.

We have several who have expressed interest in baptism, and our next baptism service is scheduled for Thanksgiving Eve (November 22). If you have trusted in Christ and have decided to follow Jesus in baptism, or have questions, please contact Pastor Ben ( As we’ve been studying in Ephesians, those who are in Christ have been united with Him in His death, burial, and resurrection. What a beautiful picture it is to express these spiritual truths and confess Christ through baptism!

In our children’s ministry, September was our first full month for Next Gen Kids. We are thankful for the dozens of children and families participating, and for how so many volunteers are investing in our children for the sake of the gospel. Pray for the hearts of our little ones, that they would believe the gospel and grow in faith.

Going outside this month, we saw a fence raising (thanks again fence-raising crew!), and we also enjoyed a night of fellowship, barbecue, and a movie (thank you outreach team!). In addition, we are thankful that the wind damage to our church steeple has now been repaired through our church insurance.

Earlier this week David Schrock and Gary Kolomichuck returned from Iceland. You can learn more about their trip, and particular points of prayer at this Sunday’s Great Commission Prayer time which will be held during the Sunday School hour. Youth and adults will share a time of prayer in the sanctuary while our children’s Sunday School classes continue their normal schedule.

In addition, your generosity has been a tangible expression of the grace of God to BridgePoint Bible Church in Houston, TX as we were able to send funds to help them as they recover from the flooding. These funds will minister directly to their congregation and community. Thank you for being the hands of feet of Christ to them. Your gifts each month truly make a difference.

As we continue in Ephesians 2, may we keep our eyes on the saving grace of our Lord. As John Newton wrote in April of 1766, “Salvation is and must be of grace, wholly of grace; and the Lord Jesus Christ, and his perfect righteousness, is and must be our all in all.” What an incomprehensible and wonderful truth that the immeasurable riches of God's grace (Eph 2:7) are ours in Christ Jesus!

Grace and peace to you,

Pastor Ben

on behalf of the elders

Upcoming Events for 2017



1 – Communion Sunday & Great Commission Prayer

5 – Women’s Book Club

7 – Men’s Breakfast

28 – Youth Family @ Belvedere Plantation

29 – Discover OBC: Part 2

31 – Reformation Day



4 – Men’s Breakfast

5 – Communion Sunday & Great Commission Prayer

10 – Care Net Fundraising Banquet

17 – Museum of the Bible Opens

22 – Thanksgiving Eve Service



2 – Men’s Breakfast

3 – Communion Sunday & Great Commission Prayer

24 – Christmas Eve Service

25 – Christmas Day