This Sunday, June 28, we will be holding an outdoor worship service at 9:00am.

Community Groups and Bible Studies are continuing via Zoom, and beginning to meet in person again.

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Eternal Perspective in a Time of Isolation (Sunday, March 22, 2020)

Steadfast Psalms




As we gather for worship in our homes this Sunday, we invite you to do the following:


1. Listen or sing along with this Spotify playlist.

Read Psalm 90 and Listen

2. Listen to David's devotional message on Psalm 90: Eternal Perspective in a Time of Isolation


3. Talk through the discussion questions below with your family, friends, and/or roommates:

  • How do you see the organization in Psalm 90?
    • Talking about God (vv. 1-11), Petitions to God (vv. 12-17)
    • The Eternity of God (vv. 1–4), the Wrath of God (vv. 3–11), the Mercy of God (vv. 12–17)
  • What other themes do you find in Psalm 90? How does Psalm 90 repeat the opening chapters of Genesis?
  • For Moses, and for us, how is it comforting to see the Lord himself as our true home (v. 1)?
  • How does Psalm 90 contrast the eternality of God with the temporary lives of mankind?
  • How should God’s anger (vv. 7-11) be understood? For those who would interpret COVID-19 as God’s anger on this world, how might Jesus’ words help us understand God’s judgment, and avoid blaming specific persons? (Luke 13:1-5)
  • How might "numbering our days" help us to get a heart of wisdom? How do we receive wisdom? (James 1)
  • Why does God’s steadfast love provoke joy and gladness in our hearts?
  • How should we respond to seeing God’s works and glorious power?
  • How does our country's “shut down” give us time to reflect on life and the work of our hands (v. 17)?
  • Who might you share Psalm 90 with this week?