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The Cross, the Crook, and the Crown

Psalms soundtrack

This last Sunday we considered three Psalms (Psalms 22-24) as a single unit telling one unified story. You could even label this trilogy "The Cross, the Crook, and the Crown."

While each is a complete poem in and of itself, we have a more complete picture when we view them together . They are also a trilogy from the standpoint of how we understand the narrator in each of these psalms. I recommend to you Pastor David’s blog post from last week on "Learning to Sing the Psalms in Four Keys."

We also see the Gospel clearly presented because of how David portrays the coming Suffering Servant (Psalm 22), Shepherd (Psalm 23), and King (Psalm 24). Just like we saw in Book 1, within each of Psalms 22-24 we see these same hills and valleys, and across them as a trilogy we see the story of creation, fall, redemption and restoration.

You can listen to the sermon online.

Discussion Questions

1. What parallels do you see between the suffering of David and Christ? What differences?
2. What evidence do you see from the text of Psalms 22, 23 and 24 for reading them as a single narrative?
3. Using only these three chapters, how would you explain the gospel?
4. What do we learn about prayer from Psalm 22?
5. How can you use Psalm 22 as a pattern for your own prayers when facing difficulty in your life?
6. What do we learn about how to worship and hope in the midst of adversity from these psalms?
7. How do you respond to the apparent absence of God in our world – the endless dehumanization of others in war, genocide, exploitation of the poor, sex trafficking, and abortion?
8. How do these psalms assure us that the “cure” is at hand?

Rod Fillinger