We will not gather for worship this Sunday, April 18. Gatherings and events are paused for the week. Lord willing, we will resume our gatherings for worship and fellowship on Sunday, April 25.


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Gospel Community



The church is a gospel community. It is a community created by the gospel, and it is a community for the gospel. 

This morning I preached on Gospel Community, and presented ten attributes of gospel community from Acts 2. You can listen the sermon here. In additon, we have begun a new Sunday School series on Gospel Community, and Jonathan Matias led our series opening (listen here).

As you gather together in your Community Groups, or study with family or friends, I invite you to read Acts 2:37-41 and consider how the gospel creates community. Consider the ten attributes below, and the following questions.

Ten Attributes of Gospel Community

1. The gospel creates community.

2. Gospel community is identified by baptism.

3. Gospel community is devoted to the Word of God.

4. Gospel community is together.

5. Gospel community is devoted to the fellowship.

6. Gospel community is devoted to the breaking of bread.

7. Gospel community is devoted to prayer.

8. Gospel community is generous.

9. Gospel community is marked by joy.

10. Gospel community is marked by worship and witness.


Ten Questions to Consider

1. Have you trusted in the gospel and been reborn into God's family?

2. Have you obeyed Jesus by identifying yourself with Him through water baptism?

3. Does your rhythm of life enable or inhibit your devotion to the Word of God?

4. Do you truly share your life together with your brothers and sisters, or are you relationally distant? How can you invest yourself into the lives of your church family?

5. Are you devoted to fellowship, sharing, partnership, communion, and burden-bearing with your brothers and sisters?

6. Is your home and your table open to your brothers and sisters? Who will you host, bless, encourage, and pray for?

7. Are you devoted to prayer? How might you grow in devotion to prayer?

8. Are you meeting the needs of your church family? How might you grow in generosity toward your brothers and sisters?

9. Does the gathering of our church family increase your joy? Are you seeking to increase the joy of your brothers and sisters?

10. Does life together in our church family give you cause to worship God? Does it propel you outward to share Christ with the lost?


Are you in Community?

Our homes and our Community Groups are truly the most practical contexts for loving our brothers and sisters. Our Community Groups meet weekly in host homes to enjoy fellowship as we apply Scripture to our lives, pray together, care for one another, and reach out together to love our neighbors. If you have not already, let me encourage you to find a Community Group online, or contact me so I can help connect you to a group.

Two new Community Groups have also begun meeting recently:

1. Ben and Melissa are hosting a second Community Group in the Twin Oaks neighborhood on Sunday afternoons at 1:00pm. 

2. In addition, Bruce and Kye Forsee are also heading up a Community Group in their River Ridge community on Sundays at 7:00pm. 

As we enter 2019, let us devote ourselves to the Word, and to fellowship. Let us live out the gospel in our care for one another, and let us take the gospel to our neighbors here in Prince William County.

I look forward to growing in community with you!

Pastor Ben