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John 1:19-34 Who is Jesus? Learning from John the Baptist How to Answer the Most Important Question


Who do you say Jesus is? There is no more important question, because what we think about him will inevitably impact every area of our lives. If we struggle to trust God, love good, and pursue righteousness, it is ultimately related to how we think about Christ.

Sunday, February 9, as we really entered into the substance of John’s Gospel, we saw that John the Baptist was God’s chosen instrument to give us a proper knowledge of who Jesus is. Indeed, we too often can fashion a Jesus in our own image or to our own liking. But Scripture is better. And this means learning from John who Jesus is.

Take time to read John 1 and pray for God to open ours eyes to see the glory of Christ. You can also find help to prepare for the sermon by reading Pastor David’s blog which explores John 1. 

For His Glory and your joy,
Pastor David

Discussion & Response Questions John 1:19-34

  1. Who are the priests and Levites looking for?
  2. How does John’s identification with Isaiah 40 describe his mission?
  3. How would you square John’s rejection of the title of Elijah with Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 11:14?
  4. What is noteworthy of John’s echo of ignorance regarding Jesus(“Imyself did not know him”) in verses 31 and 33?
  5. What does John reveal about the identity of Jesus in vv. 29-34?
  6. What do the titles“Lambof God” and“Sonof God” reveal about Jesus?
  7. What does it mean for Jesus to be both before and after John?
  8. What is the significance about the Spirit’s descent upon Jesus?
  9. How ought we to respond to these truths?