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The Good News of the Law

February 17, 2019 Preacher: David Schrock Series: The Living Church: How the Gospel Builds God’s Household

Topic: New Testament Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:8–1:11, Romans 7:1–7:25

There is good news found in God’s law. Truly, if there is anything in church history that has puzzled and divided Christians it is the relationship between the law and the gospel. And our passage gave us great aid in understanding how the law and gospel relate.

In fact, few questions are more important for Christians and non-Christians than what does the law say to me? Does it still apply if I have been forgiven by Christ? (Yes, is the answer). And if the gospel is the message of the church, what place does the law have in our community of faith? (A significant one, rightly understood). And how might the law help me to walk in obedience to the gospel? These questions and more will be considered  as we seek to apply 1 Timothy 1 to our life together.