Beginning this Sunday, May 16, we will hold one worship service outdoors at 8:30am.

Sunday School will indoors at 10:30am.


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Look, Listen, and Pray (Joel 1:1-14)

May 10, 2020 Preacher: David Schrock Series: Joel

Topic: Old Testament Scripture: Joel 1:1–1:14

1. How does Joel speak to us today? Read Romans 15:4; 1 Corinthians 10:11; 2 Timothy 3:15–17.

2. What are some similarities between Joel and us today? What are some differences?

3. How does knowing that the temple in Joel’s day was closed for service make you feel? How does our situation help you understand Joel? How does Joel help you think about our situation?

4. Why is public assembly so necessary for the Christian? Why do many treat public assembly so lightly?

5. What is the blessing (advantage) of online technologies for church? What is the curse (disadvantage) of online technologies for church?

6. If Joel 1:1–14 left you feeling sorrowful — there was no clear gospel explication — is that bad or good? How might this sorrow be used for good? Read James 4:1–10, esp. vv. 9–10.

7. What does Joel 2:12–14 do to bring you hope? What hope should we have as we pray for God to regather the church?

8. How have you and/or how will you pray for the church to regather?

9. Have you read the letter signed by 172 Virginia Pastors for permitting churches to reopen? Thoughts? (Link: