We will not gather for worship this Sunday, April 18. Gatherings and events are paused for the week. Lord willing, we will resume our gatherings for worship and fellowship on Sunday, April 25.


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Via Emmaus Zoom Calls and resources

For those who missed our calls, please find the audio files below.

Ezekiel, March 24,2020

John 17, March 26, 2020

John 20, April 14, 2020

John 21, April 16, 2020

Joel, April 28, 2020

Zechariah, April 30, 2020

Intro to Psalms, May 5, 2020

Intro to Psalms cont, May 7 2020

Psalms Book 1, May 12, 2020


For resources on the Twelve minor prophets, visit Pastor David's blog:

Hosea        Joel        Amos
Obadiah                   Jonah   Micah
Nahum   Habakkuk                  Zephaniah
Haggai   Zechariah   Malachi








Psalm Resources:

In Order to Dwell in God’s Presence: Seven Ways to Read Psalms