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Introducing Haggai


An introduction to our new sermon series in Haggai....

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Comfort in Vengeance


This past Sunday we finished our series in Nahum, our second book in "The Book of the Twelve." As we considered Nahum 3, we looked at comfort and vengeance. Those are not two words we normally associate with one another. In fact, our experience with vengeance of our own or another person's is the opposite of comfort. It is frightening, perhaps chaotic, out of control, and ...

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Looking to See the Gospel Flourish: What is a Minister-in-Residence and Why Does It Matter?


Last week we announced in our members' meeting that Jonathan Matas, with his family (Christy, Jadon, Elijah) will be joining our OBC family as a minister-in-residence. For our church, this is a new venture in gospel ministry. And because the concept of a minister-in-residence may be unfamiliar and the specifics may be unknown to some in our church family, I want to explain...

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The Sword of the Lord: In Nineveh and Now (Nahum 1:9


What did Jesus mean when he said, "I have not come to bring peace, but a sword" (Matthew 10:34)? On Sunday, we considered that question from the book of Nahum. The connection between Matthew and Nahum is found in the fact that Nahum presents the sword of the Lord in all of its flame and fury, while Jesus comes to first extinguish the Lord's wrath in his own flesh. Then, a...

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Seven Truths About the Doctrine of Vocation


This month we are beginning a new series in Sunday School entitled The Doctrine of Vocation: Glorifying God in Your Good Work. If you have never thought or heard about the doctrine of vocation or how your faith informs, permeates, and motivates your daily work, this series is for you. Even better, if you have thought deeply about the subject, your insights will also be val...

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Getting Into Nahum, or Finding Comfort in the Lord of Wrath (Nahum 1:1-8)


This week we began our second of three series out of the Minor Prophets, better known as the Book of the Twelve. After considering God's grace in the book of Jonah, we began to consider the complementary aspect of his holy justice from the book of Nahum. In two more weeks, we'll finish our study of the Minor Prophets by looking at Haggai. As for Nahum, it serves as Part...

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Books Borrow, Bridge, and Build Up

Book Club

Why a Church Book Club is a Good Idea For the past two years I've asked myself if a book club at church is a worthwhile venture. I went from asking friends and then asking the leadership to actually starting one. Once a month we meet to discuss a variety of books, fiction, non-fiction, Christian authors, non-Christian authors, and anything else that strikes our fancy. It ...

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Gospel-Shaped Theology: How to Hold the Truth in Love

Gospel Shaped Theology Series-3

This last Sunday we concluded our Sunday School series: Gospel-Shaped Theology: How to Hold the Truth in Love. If you have missed past sessions, I invite you to catch up via our podcast: Gospel-Shaped Theology: How to Hold the Truth in Love Gospel-Shaped Theology: An Introduction to Theological Triage First-Order Doctrines: The First Importance of the Gospel Secon...

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Let Us Behold (Not Begrudge) Our Gracious God (Jonah 4:1


This Sunday we brought our study of Jonah to a close. After looking at the big picture of Jonah(Jonah 14),diving into his storm of disobedience (Jonah 1), going under the waters of Jonah's baptism (Jonah 1:17; cf. Matthew 12:3841), inspecting Jonah's prayer(Jonah 2), and learning what true repentance looks like (Jonah 3), we set our gaze on the God of sovereign grace. By ...

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Fire in the Soul: A Few Reflections from Together for the Gospel 2018

T4G 2018

For the last ten years, God has kindly provided me a season of refreshing every other April in the city of Louisville through a gathering known as Together for the Gospel. When I began going, I lived in that city as I studied at Southern Seminary. In 2010, our family moved fifty miles north to Southern Indiana. And in 2010, 2012, and 2014 I made the hour drive to attend ...

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